Multiwood Regular


Multiwood Colour Sheet

  • The first brand in India to introduce multiwood color sheets in different fast moving shades.
  • Used for different applications like kitchen, wardrobe, letter cutting, name boards etc.
  • Saves labour & painting on the normal sheets, money and time 

Available in High Defenition Multiwood Colours

Wood Finish Multiwood

Wooden Textures

  • Wood Finish Lamination on MULTIWOOD Sheets
  • One side or both side
  • German Hot Glue Technology
  • Recomented Edge Banding on Multilam

CNC Design Cutting

Thomson Multiwood sheets can cut in CNC machine as per the specific design and can paint to suit interior or exterior applications. It can be done in all thicknesses as required. “Thoovanam” also can be cut in CNC.

Modular Kitchen Cupboard

A Real Modular Kitchen Experience

Modular Kitchen, Kitchen Cupboard

Thomson Multiwood, a master in manufacturing Modular Kitchen, Kitchen Cupboards, Kitchen Furniture, and Modular Bedrooms in Fabulous design with operative simplicity. Buy kitchen cupboards at unbeatable prices from Thomson Multiwood where we discover imaginative and creative designs for public corporate projects and residential projects in a unique way.

Our modular kitchen designs make sure that it is the kitchen in which you are the happiest and the kitchen that you will want to show your honorable guests first.

Using Thomson multi wood, manufacturing of innovative kitchen cupboard designs in the modular Kitchen and other cupboard designs in bedroom units have become super easy and flexible. Customers get beyond what they always have dreamt of. Blending style with excellent practicality, luxury with functional simplicity, a Thomson Modular Kitchen or Bedroom brings a new dimension to the hub of your home and the center of your lifestyle. We have chosen the best raw materials and fashioned them in the styles best suited to any type of modern or traditional living. We have given them colors and finishes that best suits the customer-requirements to make the most exciting room in your home as well as the easiest to work in, the easiest to maintain, and fresh-as-new for the years to come.

The kitchen is one of the most central places in a home. Though it’s highly underrated and we consciously aim to spend less and less time in there -it remains the place where the magic of unity happens. Thomson Multiwood for Kitchen aims to take this experience to the next level by building work areas, racks, and cabinets which are termite resistant and completely waterproof. Our modular kitchens are a fusion of ethnicity and modernity with high durability. The customers can get kitchen cupboard ideas which would be an elegant creation that is a combination of inspiring ideas, futuristic design, and flawless execution. Competitive pricing at a time when modular kitchen sounded alien, we took the idea of modular kitchen to the households with ease through our very competitive price which assured quality.

Experience the real Kitchen experience with a termite resistant and complete waterproof modular kitchen from Thomson multi wood.

Decorative Compact Panel is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface material & is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire & wear resistance. Thomson CLADS are composed of multiple layers of Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin & the top decor paper is impregnated with melamine resin. Then the resulting sandwich is fused together with hydraulic press under high pressure ( 120kg / cm2) & temperature (170° C). As phenolic & melamine resins are thermoset plastics, at the time of Thermosetting polycondensation of resins takes place & the curing process transforms the resins into plastic that converts the paper sheets into a Single, Rigid, Monolithic & Homogeneous material with no risk of delamination in the process of use and is resistant to Fire, Heat & Moisture.


  • Double hardened & rigid structure
  • Assured surface color stability
  • Temperature/weather resistant
  • UV coated surface for exterior
  • 10 year replacement warranty
  • Scratch proof and fireproof
  • Impact resistant


  • Facade cladding
  • Gate & fence & Garage
  • Roof, wall & partition
  • Signage & lettering
  • Commercial & residential use
  • Shop front & counter
  • Interior decoration

Available in 5mm – 6mm thickness, 8X4 size. One side & both side UV.



    1. Use Pallets.
    2. Store in dry space.
    3. Use cover to avoid excess humidity and heat.
    4. Store flat to avoid bending or bowing of sheet.


    1. Lift each sheet separately.
    2. Compressed air machine can be used.


    1. Edge of Compact Panel can be machined for special requiirements.
    2. Square cutting, Chamfering & Labelling are advisable.


  1. Aluminium “L” Section, 50 X 70 X 1.6 mm
  2. Heavy Duty Screw
  3. Normal Screw & Nut
  4. Plastered Wall
  5. Coloured Rivet
  6. Aluminium ‘T” Section, 70 X 50 X 1.6 mm
  7. High Pressure Laminate.
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