Greenpanel is India’s largest manufacturer of wood panels. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh produce Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF), Plywood, Block Boards, Veneers, Wood Floors and Doors.


Greenpanel Veneer offers an exclusive range of unique and exotic designs. Each veneer is assembled and designed to enhance its natural beauty. The veneer face is imported from Europe and Burma. The main features of Greenpanel Veneer are joint-less decorative sheets, no undulation after polishing because of defect-free smooth surface base ply, no gap or overlap of decorative veneer in surface layer, and no chip-off on cutting.

Greenpanel Veneer is pre-finished and requires little carpentry work before polishing. It is suitable for use in interiors, including high-humidity areas.

Greenpanel Veneers are eco-friendly and have low formaldehyde-emission level.

Greenpanel Veneers offer unlimited variety, and come in three product ranges: Teak Veneer, Natural Wood Veneer, and Spectrum Wood Veneer.


Greenpanel Teak Veneer is made from 100% Burma Teak, with the natural marks in wood enhanced for the perfect finish. Greenpanel Teak Veneer is available in thicknesses from 4mm to 19mm.


Greenpanel Spectrum Wood Veneer combines a natural timber base and aesthetic designs. It comes with a fleece backing and is flexible enough to adapt to curved furniture.


Greenpanel Natural Veneers are made from hardwood sourced from all over the world. It comes in 125 variants across five ranges.

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